44. Diplomacy in the foreign service

20 Sep

Diplomacy in the foreign service

1. Foreign policy forms an essential part of national development. In this context, its diplomatic activity must be careful and appropriate to ensure, as far as possible, the effectiveness of actions in the international community.

2. The foreign service is the permanent organ of the State and is entrusted with the task of representing and running, according to the instructions and guidelines of the Foreign Ministry, the foreign policy the country. Its duty is to safeguard, protect and promote the interests of the nation in foreign States or international organisations, and at international conferences and meetings.

3. The terms “foreign service” and “diplomats” are not synonymous. The diplomatic corps is the set of accredited officials sent to a particular State by other countries for the performance of permanent bilateral diplomatic work. In contrast, the foreign service refers generally to all officers exercising diplomatic and consular work abroad, either in embassies to States, delegations (or permanent missions), international organisations, consulates and on special assignments.

4. In accordance with the requirements of this time, for the proper execution of his responsibilities, the diplomat should be a genuine representative of his nation, fully engaged in defending the fundamental interests of his country. He must be equipped with the necessary expertise, constantly updated, and should have the necessary experience in diplomatic work to facilitate the effectiveness of actions in the foreign environment.

5. While the diplomat functions as a political analyst and an agent, he should also encourage investment of foreign businesses in his State and, therefore, he should develop an understanding of the operations of international business and economics. Primarily, however, his main responsibility is to promote friendly relations and cooperation with the receiving State.

6. To ensure success in his work, the diplomat must be properly trained and must regularly update his knowledge while gathering experience in his field. This will enable him to acquire the fundamentals and skills necessary in diplomacy and thus aiding in the achievement of the plans and objectives of the foreign policy of the State with due efficiency.

 © by Odeen Ishmael


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